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For sizing and estimated test counts, please review “Additional Information”

This pH Indicator solution is used (in part) to test nicotine levels of eLiquid. This pH Indicator is a very commonly used weak acid that is added in small amounts to the (also weak) .12N acidic solution so that the pH (percent/potential Hydrogen) of the .12N acidic solution  mixed with the eLiquid can be visually determined by various color changes.

SAFETY: This pH Indicator solution is relatively safe to use. It is basically made from 99.94% water. This doesn’t mean you could/should bath in it or use it as a Visine substitute. This just means that if you get some on your hands or face, it may not send you to the hospital. It will stain your clothes and hands though. So unless you plan on joining the Grammy nominated Blue Man Group, don’t bath in it and try to not spill it on your skin or get into eyes.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in a safe place. May or may not cause eye and skin irritation. For full details. Please review our Waiver.

However, caution should be taken with eLiquid. We don’t sell this item but feel it should be stated as you will inevitably be handling eLiquid if you are reviewing/buying this test kit, which tests the Nicotine Strength of the aforementioned.

Ingredients: 0.04% Bromothymol Blue aqueous solution

For educational use only.

Store in a cool, dry area. Avoid direct sunlight.

Additional information

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60 ml

Number of tests: 165 – 270 tests. Estimates only. Results vary on nicotine strength, amount and color of eLiquid/Liquid Nicotine tested.