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NOTE: Does not work with Nicotine Salts

We currently are not shipping anymore face masks with orders. Sorry. Blame Covid19 for higher prices and less supply.

Whats included

– Test Solution (info)
– 2 x 3 ml Syringes (info)
– Pair of Nitrile gloves (info)
– Face mask (Out of Stock – Blaming Covid19) (info)

Whats not included (That you will need)

– Guided Instructions with pictures (info)

– Print-friendly detailed instructions (info)

– Distilled water
– White cup/mug

SAFETY: The kits contents are fairly safe to use. This doesn’t mean you could/should bath in them or use it as a Visine substitute. For details, click on the “info” links for each item. For full details on safety. Please review our Waiver.

However, caution should be taken when handling eLiquid. We don’t sell this item but feel it should be stated as you will inevitably be handling eLiquid if you are reviewing/buying this item, which tests the Nicotine Strength of the aforementioned.


This kit works very well on most eliquid’s. We have tested many eLiquid’s and only 1 eLiquid had a problem. We have had no complaints so far from any customers. 🙂

The most accurate results come from clear (can be colored) eLiquids and unflavoured eLiquids.

The Test Solution has been optimized to work with higher nicotine concentrations, such as 24MG/ML or higher. The test solution will still work with lower concentrations, such as 3MG/ML. However, during the test, 3-5 drops of Bromothymol Blue (not included in this kit but can be ordered separately here.) will need to be added as a step just prior to adding the test solution.

There are two types of eLiquids that may produce inaccurate results or no changes in color during the testing stages, hence, also inaccurate results. The eLiquid Test Kit may have the following limitations.

Blame science, not us.



eLiquids that are so dark that when held up to a light, that little to no light passes through. Basically, unclear or opaque eLiquids. Colored eLiquids are fine. We have tested a ton of colored eLiquids with accurate results. Its the very dark opaque eLiquids that have issues.

The results of the test on such eLiquid’s is that the pH Indicator may not bring out the color that you are seeking out of the test (blue, green, yellow transitions) because the eLiquid started out with such a deep color.

You will know very early on if the test will yield accurate results if the eLiquid turns blue-ish after adding the test solution and swirling. If it doesnt turn blue-ish, the test may not work.


eLiquids that contain acidic elements such as citric acid or ascorbic acid can be prone to inaccurate results. Some eLiquids contain these acidic elements to reduce the nicotine smell or enhance flavours. But most eLiquids dont contain these acidic elements. The test and calculations rely on specific acid levels and adding more acid (eLiquid containing acid which cant be controlled) then what is already pre-defined in the test can skew results.

Again, most eLiquids yield accurate results. We just need to let you know (prior to obtaining and prior to us being ridiculed by you) that our kits have some limitations.

If you have skewed results, please contact us and let us know what ingredients are in the eLiquid tested.

On a side note. This kit relies on ability to determine changes in color. Please do not obtain this kit if you cannot differentiate between colors or are primarily testing eLiquids that fall under the 2 categories above.

For Educational Use Only.

Additional information

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Small Kit, Medium Kit, Large Kit


60 ml Test Solution, Estimated amount of tests: Up to 60 tests. Estimates only. Results vary on amount of eLiquid/Liquid Nicotine tested and nicotine strength.


120 ml Test Solution, Estimated amount of tests: Up to 120 tests. Estimates only. Results vary on amount of eLiquid/Liquid Nicotine tested and nicotine strength.


180 ml Test Solution, Estimated amount of tests: Up to 180 tests. Estimates only. Results vary on amount of eLiquid/Liquid Nicotine tested and nicotine strength.

5 reviews for eLiquid Test Kit

  1. Polaris75

    Easy to use, accurate results to what I was expecting (comforting since I wasn’t 100% confident my diluted nic was well mixed and without hotspots) …

    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY THOUGH – be CAREFUL with the included syringes! These are not the blunt-tipped syringes you’re used to working with for mixing – they’re SHARP, and they HURT! I’ve stabbed myself twice so far :-/

    All in all, wonderful kit, thank you so much!

  2. Frazz

    Awesome, nothing but good things to say about these guys. Quick, polite, and professional correspondence. Got a tracking number when my package was shipped, which didn’t take long, and only took 3 or 4 business days to get to me. A personal letter was included in my shipment and even received a free chocolate and bag of tea to get me in a relaxed mood. I’ve used the test a few times now, on nic from different venders and it seams to be fairly bang on. Great job guys, good luck with your nikitest site.

    Best of wishes:

  3. Frank

    “First, I received the Nikitest pretty fast and in good condition.
    I was very curious to try it out.
    As I am not a smoker anymore and my nicotine level is 0mg, I wanted to see if my liquid was REALLY 0mg/ml, so I put the e-liquid and then the ph indicator in my mug —nothing happened—-
    Then I tested my girlfriend’s 14mg/ml liquid, then things started to work out… Liquid turned blue, then I added the acidic solution as shown in the instructions and the accuracy was quite close: Like 0,4mg of difference but that was my first test…I did it fast and it was still accurate.
    I will use it for other tests. It will be a good tool.
    Thanks to the Nikitest team!

  4. Claude


    It does exactly what it’s meant to do. I’ve tested a base 48, and with NikiTest’s kit I got 48.6.

    I did the test with 1ml of base 48, not dilluted, and added 2.5ml of acidic solution to reach the yellow color.

    I used a transparent glass graduated cylinder, set it on a white sheet of paper to have a color comparison reference, and an halogen lamp to have a light as bright and white as possible.

    I did not know what to expect in terms of coloring. Now I can tell you, when it got to yellow, it was a bright yellow that I could not have missed.

    The syringe, now that I have used the kit, is a must to reach a precise result.

    And the price is more than reasonable.

    Good job NikiTest.


  5. nicklfire

    cant ask for much better then this to be honest. I received this kit free of charge but my opinion is unbias. The kit said and did exactly as it should. I tested a 3ml sample and my results came out with a variance of only about .4 mg (testing a 18 mg eliquid). It was my issue i did not have distilled water so possibly the results would have varied less if i followed the directions exactly. All the tools were included (besides distilled water and a cup). For the advertised cost of the kit and the quick service and shipping i was pretty impressed. I would gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a nic test kit. Has my wackedoutecig stamp of approval 🙂 Just so everyone knows.. i have no prior experience with nic tests, this was my first time and it was pretty easy so just follow the instructions.

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