Black Nitrile Gloves


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These gloves are used to protect your hands from liquids in use for the Nicotine test. In particular, to protect your hands from the pH Indicator and Acidic Solution that comes with the test kit. Be very cautious handling nicotine based liquids.

These Black Nitrile gloves are…

– Latex-free for individuals with latex allergies.
– Powder-free for individuals with powder allergies. (cornstarch is used as the powder)
– Beaded cuff for drip protection, increased glove strength, and ease of fit.
– High puncture resistance but conforms easily to the hand.
– Non sterile and Single use.
– Ambidextrous for versatile use.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Because of the rubber like material, caution should be taken, as there is a choking hazard. Store in a safe place. For full details. Please review our Waiver.

For educational use only.

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