Nicotine Test Kit Instructions

These are detailed instructions on using the Nicotine Test Kit.

Want the instructions in French?

Our good friends (and partners) at Savapeur kindly translated the documents. click HERE for the french version.

But dont worry… It really isn’t that difficult. There are 9 steps. It helps (and we strongly recommend) to do a quick review of the steps prior to doing the actual test.

Assuming the Nicotine Test Kit was obtained from NiKiTest or one of our partners, the Nicotine Test Kit instructions will get you on your way to determining the Nicotine Strength of your eLiquid. You will still need distilled water and a white mug (not included). If we are to include distilled water and a mug/container. Shipping costs and kit costs would go up quite significantly. Shoppers Drug Mart carries distilled water for under $2 for 4 liters and we assume you may be a coffee or tea drinker. So grab a spare mug from your cubby.

Check List

Check Items
Test Solution
Distilled Water
2 x Syringe
White cup

Got everything? Great.

Ready for the test?




Get that mask and those gloves on.

Gloves and Mask used for Nicotine Test Kit

You may look a little crazy if you decided to throw out the trash right about now, but hey, at least you look cool.

NOTE: The Mask and Gloves included in the Nicotine Test Kit are suitable to handle the contents of the Kit itself.




Clean your mug thoroughly by swishing distilled water through out.

Used during the Nicotine Test Kit

Don’t use soap and/or a sponge to clean the mug. Simply swish around distilled water. You can air dry or shake out excess water.




The contents in the Nicotine test kit itself are quite safe to use. The eLiquid being tested needs to be handled with caution.

 Using a syringe measure exactly 1ml, 2ml or 3ml eLiquid. Don’t use the needle tip.


Carefully take in the eLiquid by putting the syringe (without the needle screwed in) into eLiquid solution and suck up the amount of eLiquid with the plunger. Flip the syringe upside down (needle end pointing upwards (except without the needle)), flick the syringe with your finger (like you are flicking someone’s ear) until all air bubbles reach the top.  Slowly squeeze out the air bubbles by gently pushing the plunger. Try not to push to hard as you do not want to lose a lot of eLiquid. A couple drops is okay. Then check to see if there are any bubbles and ensure your measurement is correct. You may have to intake more eLiquid and repeat the process to ensure an accurate measurement. Dont worry, this process gets easier with practice.

eLiquid Pros Cons
1ml Most amount of tests conducted Least accurate Nicotine strength results (3-4mg margin give or take)
2ml Good compromise between accuracy and tests conducted Decent accuracy Nicotine strength results (2-3mg margin give or take)
3ml RECOMMENDED: Most Accurate test results.Least amount of tests conducted Nicotine strength results (1-2mg margin give or take)



Transfer eLiquid from syringe into the clean and dry mug.

You may choose to add the needle onto the syringe prior to transferring to mug or just use the syringe. The needle is too small to suck up eLiquid’s that are thicker but can push out eLiquid, just at a slow pace. Do what works for you, be safe, with or without the needle tip.




Measure 10ml of distilled water and add to mug.

Used during the Nicotine Test Kit

Yes you are seeing double. Step 2 was to clean the mug. This step is also needed. Please carry out this step. Out of all the measurements used for the Nicotine Test Kit, the addition of distilled water is the least important as for accuracy. Just make sure it is above 10ml but below 15ml.




For the remaining steps, use these color stages as your testing variable.

color changes

Using the 2nd (unused) syringe and needle, measure exactly 3ml of test solution. Check for air bubbles in the syringe. Go back to step 3 to see how to use a syringe and needle if you are not sure.

Note: Higher concentrations of Nicotine require larger amounts of test solution. Lower concentrations of Nicotine require smaller amounts of test solution. For instance, on average it will take 5ml-15ml of test solution to test 100mg/ml of nicotine base.

Slowly add test solution to mug, periodically, swirling/swooshing. 

If there are no color changes and you use up the 3ml of test solution. Simply add another 3ml of test solution to syringe and continue adding solution slowly.

 Now the real fun begins with the Nicotine Test Kit.

Repeat above step, slowly adding test solution until liquid turns green.

NOTE: Keep track of how many times you refill the syringe with test solution and how much was added to the syringe. This is very important. You’ll understand in the next couple steps.




Continue the above step (slowly adding test solution to mug) until liquid turns from green to a green with a yellow tint.

eLiquid Test Kit works pic5

HINT: Use the image from step 7 to get an idea of the color you are after.




Pretty cool how the colors are changing eh?

Now you need to slow it down a lot. Add 1 drop (at a time) of test solution and swirl/swoosh.

Repeat the above step until liquid turns yellow. Don’t go overboard here but also make sure you get the yellow you are seeking. Use the last image to your right from step 7 to get an idea of the yellow you are looking for.


Switch between adding 1 drop of test solution and swirling until the contents turn yellow.




Congrats… You are almost done.

Record the amount of test solution used.


The next step will take you to our handy dandy calculator where you will punch in how much test solution you used with the Nicotine Test Kit.

You will soon be on your way to determining just how strong that batch of eLiquid really is.



Okay Okay… we lied. There aren’t 9 steps to the test. There is this mess in front of you still right? Now you are left with the task of cleaning up your “lab” area and gear. You are on your own here. But give your station a rub down and clean the “tools” used with the Nicotine Test Kit.

The contents in the mug are safe to dispose in your sink or toilet. DON’T VAPE THAT STUFF. Be careful handling that bottle of eLiquid as well.

This concludes the Test.


That was pretty neat huh? It’s too bad you lost some eLiquid down the toilet. With sacrifice comes reward. Reward being peace of mind.

 NOTE: The color changes from the image on step 7 are a guideline for test results. Your actual Nicotine test kit results may not be exactly as the image is shown. Plus, how do we know what the setting of your laptop/monitor brightness or contrast is set to when viewing these illustrations? Take these things into account.

After a couple times of doing the test, it will all be a piece of cake.

For our printer friendly version. Click here. We strongly recommend using the instructions on this page whenever possible.

For our printer friendly version of the .12N acidic solution and pH Indicator. Click here.

These instructions have been modified from the original procedures carried out by ECF member DVAP. We have dedicated a kudos page on our site to highlight the work of DVAP and many others at the forum.

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