Respectus Utmosteous

We absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, owe a fellow by the (nick)name of DVAP a huge amount of respect and praise. Our hats are tipped off to you sir. There are certainly more people to thank, whom are mentioned below. But if it wasn’t for this spark, we really dont know what may or may not have materialized. From the humble beginnings of a simple question DVAP asked about 5 years ago in the ECF forums.

 “Any interest in determining Nicotine–By DVAP”

Came an outpouring of enthusiastic members wanting to know and learn more about it. We strongly encourage you to read this thread, from the beginning to the end. DVAP without much hesitation ran through tests and iterations to nail down what is now a way for common folks to test the Nicotine strength of eLiquid. Our instructions are fundamentally based on his work and we quite frankly wouldnt be around if it wasnt for that simple question DVAP asked. 

Special thanks goes to ECF members kinabaloo, Vaporer and exogenesis for their contributions to that thread and the many hundreds if not thousands of people they helped and continue to help on the forum. It was the feedback from these and other inquisitive folks that really got the ball rolling.

To further the progression of this whole Nicotine test. ECF member, Þornbjörg, expanded on DVAP’s work to enable DIYer’s to obtain these materials easily and of course provide instructions on how to conduct these tests. Here’s Þornbjörg thread. We encourage you to also read that thread.

We really cant stop here.

Another ECF member by the name of mjradik enabled users to test for themselves by creating a site and making all the materials required in a convenient package. 

If you are visiting our site, are interested in this whole eLiquid Test Kit and you are from the United States. We recommend you head on over to mjradik’s site, and purchase your kit there. We arent here to step on toes or greedily capitalize on the works of others. We want to genuinely help others test their eLiquid’s Nicotine content. Specifically, we saw a need to make these kits more accessible and affordable to Canadians, eh.

Final Respects

Thanks to all of the e-Cigarette forum members at ECF and at Wacked out e-Cig for their efforts, contributions and support to growing the global e-Cigarette community. We at NiKiTest strongly believe e-Cigarettes are the way of the future, but there are many (money-driven) obstacles to overcome.

DVAP… You are one smart, witty and generous son of a gun. We at NiKiTest (and subjectively speaking for everyone else) thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and enabling us to vape in confidence by providing the building blocks for the Nicotine Test Kit. 

The NiKiTest Team

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