Nicotine test kit geek                    Who… Are… You?

Before NiKiTest? A bunch of nerds. After NiKiTest? Still a bunch of nerds. But not the super intelligent chemist type. We just love anything nerdy. Star Trek, comic books, The “Cloud”, LARPing.

                                     You get the idea.


Where… Are… You?

     Vancouver, BC, Canada.


About NiKiTest

This whole thing started because a smelly smoker friend of ours decided to try the infamous e-Cigarette. This slowly manifested into… How the hell do you know what you are smoking? … sorry… vaping?

Well. Needless to say we began our journey exploring what is in that eliquid by googling. To be perfectly honest. NiKiTest wouldnt be around if it wasnt for a fellow by the name of DVAP. We have dedicated a kudos page to pay our respects to him and others that have helped formulate the basics behind the test.

Alright. You guessed it. We aren’t Chemist’s in white lab coats preparing e liquid Test kits. But we dont have to be.


Because the test is straight forward. Dont believe us?


How It Works


We simply saw a need to make this important aspect of DIYing eLiquid more simple, safe and affordable for common folk. More so, we saw a need to provide (the contents making up the) test kits to our fellow Canadians. In fact, we only provide the kits within Canada.

There you have it. That’s NiKiTest. Got questions?


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 PS: We speak of our friend as if he is a second class citizen and how we helped him with this transition to e-Cigarettes. He’s a top-notch bloke. The truth is, we smoked cigarettes too and converted to using the “E” variety. We simply used him in our story to make it sound better. Sorry for any hurt feelings.

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