Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping on orders over $99 before tax. We eat the shipping costs, which on average are about $15-$20 when you purchase $99 Free Shippingworth of goods from us.

We are a genuine Mom & Pop shop. We dont charge for handling which includes boxing, protection and the work in between to get you your eLiquid Test Kit.

When we started our site, we looked at trying to find every possible way to offer the cheapest shipping methods available to our customers. We did test runs on packaging our products in thin sleeve-like containers (under 2cm thick). This would have enabled us to ship the goods under the “Large Envelope Lettermail” classification with Canada Post.

Cost: Roughly $5.

This was passed directly onto you in a flat fee of $5 shipping.

Unfortunately, the bottles leaked and we couldn’t pursue that avenue. Trust us, we tried to make it work but the spillage was just too much. We had to resort to conventional bottles (they dont leak and are larger then the 2cm max for lettermail). But this left us with falling into the “parcel” classification.

For the same weight as the $5 option above, the parcel costs on average $13-$14. What are the current bottle sizes you ask? Not a whole lot bigger then the 2cm restriction but it doesnt matter once you go over that 2cm watermark. From $5 to $13-14 for a mere couple cm’s is outrageous and we cant do anything about it. We wish there were alternatives but every shipping company we have contacted is actually more expensive then even the $13-14 quoted by Canada Post. The costs are outrageously inflated in Canada and we are very sorry for the shipping costs.

But how does Amazon, Best Buy or Ebay do it? They are conglomerates. They ship 1000’s of parcels a day. Their rates are so much better then us small timers because of their volume and guaranteed business partnerships with the shipping couriers. Dont quote us here, but we have read that it could be something like 50-70% cheaper then rates offered to small businesses.

Again… Our apologies.

For more details on our policies including shipping/returns, click here.

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