How It Works

Intrigued about how the e Liquid Test Kit works?

If you obtained a kit from us, these are not the instructions, but rather an overview.

For detailed instructions, click here.

Here’s a video of our Test Kits in action. Big Thank You to BimVapor from the WackedOut Forums for taking the time to create this video and review our e Liquid test kit.


Transfer eLiquid into cup.



Add distilled water to cup.

e Liquid Test Kit works pic2


Add test solution to cup and swirl/swoosh.

Repeat above step until liquid turns green.

Continue the above step until liquid turns from green to a green with a yellow tint.

 eLiquid Test Kit works pic7



Add 1 drop of test solution and swirl/swoosh.

Repeat the above step until liquid turns yellow.

eLiquid Test Kit works 8




Subtract the current amount of test solution in the syringe from the original amount placed into the syringe (step 4).

Then, Use our handy dandy calculator or multiply the total by a pre calculated formula.

Nicotine strength test


The result from the calculation


The nicotine strength of the eLiquid


This concludes the eLiquid Test overview.

You may be asking yourself. But what about all that cool stuff in the cup? Unfortunately the coffee mug and all of its hippy dippy color changes has provided its functional role and is no longer needed. But hey… That was a pretty neat experiment huh?

Ready to get your geek on?

Try it yourself. You may obtain a kit from one of our partners or an e Liquid Test Kit online from us.

Need more convincing you say?

Check out our homepage that gets into the topic of our e Liquid Test Kit, its benefits and so on.

NOTE: The colors in the illustrations are exaggerated. Actual e Liquid test kit results will not be as vivid. This page is to demonstrate the process. The instructions to be used with the e Liquid test kit are more detailed but are not too complicated either. There are 10 steps involved. That isnt too complicated right?

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