Welcome to the e Liquid Nicotine Test Lab.

Got your Bunsen burner, goggles and white lab coat ready? 

Home of the e liquid nicotine test lab

Just kidding 🙂  

You wont need any of the items listed above for the e Liquid Nicotine Test Lab.


Ready to get started?

What you’ll need:

Cup of coffee or tea
Reading glasses (if you require them)
minimum 56k Modem <– That was a joke.


Start by reading how the e Liquid test kit works. Its a light read with illustrations.


How It Works


If you went through the motions on that page you see how simple and safe it is to use the e Liquid Nicotine Test. We know it may be a daunting task to dip into an area like this for the first time. We hope we made it simple enough to follow.

Now that you see how it works. It would make sense to see why the e Liquid Nicotine test works. This whole e Liquid Nicotine test kit isnt a hoax or “snake oil” and we arent going to take your $14 and say, “What did you expect for 14 bucks?” The test genuinely works and this is why.


Why It Works


Did you click on the above link? If yes (and assuming you read and watched the video)… That was pretty neat huh? We thought so too.

Now that you know how and why the e Liquid Nicotine Test works.

Ready to get started with the real thing?

Head on over to our shop where you’ll find e Liquid Nicotine Test Kits starting at $14.

Still not impressed and need more persuasion?

We’ve listed some e Liquid Test kit benefits on our homepage too.

This concludes the Test Lab page.

This page is set up to get your feet wet and get you comfortable with the idea of testing eLiquid.

With out the help of ECF members generously contributing their time and energy, we wouldn’t have a means to test the Nicotine Strength of e Liquid. We as a community are indebted to these members for their hard work and we personally would like to thank ALL of the members of ECF and Wacked Out e-Cig.

Sharing is Caring