Are you DIYing to find an eLiquid test kit?

Okay that was bad. But the kits we carry are pretty darn good.


eliquid test kit chemistryWhat is NiKiTest?

NiKiTest (Nicotine Kit Test) is a “simple to use” and affordable DIY Nicotine Test Kit used for measuring the nicotine strength of eLiquid. The test is built on some basic concepts of chemistry. Though all the psychedelic color changes appear to be quite magical. Its really just science. Wanna know why the eLiquid test kit works or how the eLiquid test kit works?

 eliquid test kit safety

Why use NiKiTest?

At the heart of it all? To be safe. If you wholeheartedly trust how much nicotine is in your next batch whether purchased or DIY’d, then you have no need for a DIY eliquid test kit. We want users to be safe by testing eLiquid.

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Read some of the benefits below to paint a better picture.




The contents of the eliquid test kit itself are fairly safe to use. They will not burn holes through your clothes but are not meant to be used as Visine or as a condiment either.
Simplicity With two "ingredients". Clear instructions and basic Math Skills comes an effortless process. Geeking out has never been so easy. We recommend heading over to our e Liquid Nicotine Test Lab page for more info.
Accuracy The eLiquid Test Kit can test the Nicotine Strength level as close as 1-2 mg/ml margin give or take. That's pretty darn good for a DIY eliquid test kit. It beats potentially spending $100's on one controlled lab test.
Affordable Testing nicotine levels by an accredited lab can run hundreds of dollars to conduct one test. With NiKiTest you can test several batches (up to 60 tests) for as little as $14.
Comfort Peace of mind should be at the top of the list. Nicotine is a dangerous and toxicsubstance (especially at high levels). Knowledge is power. Know what you are vaping by testing nicotine levels.
FUN And last but not least. Have some fun. Let your inner geek out and watch the array of colors changing before your eyes with the eliquid test kit.

That’s our sales pitch. Hopefully it worked. 🙂

Ultimately, the decision to use our DIY eliquid test kit is up to you. Either way. Be safe.

On many of the pages on our site we dedicate the work carried out by ECF members (e-Cig forum based in the U.S) for their contributions to testing Nicotine Strength of eLiquid. We have created a kudos page in honor of their work and to show how appreciative NiKiTest is for their efforts.

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